Puglia is dotted by what we call masserie, which are country houses dating back mostly to the 15th to 19h century.

Staying in an authentic masseria is a unique chance to discover Puglia's traditions, flavours, history and nature and experience the warm Southern hospitality.

The masserie were born as farms, owned by noble or wealthy people, which included fields, stables, warehouses, staff's dwellings and the manor house for the owner's family. In some cases even an old underground oil mill! Often the fortified masserie were a social and economic centre for the entire village and people stopped there on the way to and from work as there was a church or an oven to bake their bread.

Many of these masserie have been carefully restored and turned into bed & breakfast and boutique hotels, serving local and seasonal food.

Some of them include trulli, which are another unique type of accommodation in Puglia. Trulli are houses built with a conical roof made of dry stones and a whitewashed circular base. The majority of them are in and around Alberobello, listed among the UNESCO sites, and the Itria Valley, area between Bari and Brindisi.

Masserie & Trulli in the Land of Bari

Masserie in the Bari area

Discover hidden gems near Bari airport

Manor and country houses close to all amenities for the best Puglia holiday!

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Masserie in Salento

Masserie in Salento

Live like a local and discover Salento tradition

Country houses, pajare and ancient oil mills for your traditional stay in the heel of Italy!

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